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Optimal Green Policy For Energy Sharing By Cellular Base Stations Powered By Renewable Energy Sources

The use of renewable energy sources is gaining widespread application as realization of climate change increases and the renewable technology matures. The information and communication technology (ICT) sector is not only enabling energy efficiency in other sectors but also adopting green energy into its systems such as data centres and base stations. The cellular BSs have emerged as a viable candidate for the incorporation of renewable energy sources especially in off-grid areas where diesel generator is the only source of energy. The RESs not only reduce GHGs but also add to energy efficiency and energy conservation by providing cheap energy right at the doorstep. Various energy management strategies have been formulated employing RES in conjunction with the grid and/or generator power. In this paper we explore the possibility of equipping BSs with the renewable energy sources of PV panels and wind turbine to offset the cost of diesel generator and reduce the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs). We also undertake the sizing and capacity estimation of such sources. Furthermore, we explore the possibility of selling the surplus harvested energy to the local grid for the benefit of the local community and come up with an optimal green policy for energy sharing between the green base stations and local grid in a microgrid scenario. Index Terms- Renewable Energy, Cellular Base Station, Green Communication, Energy Resource Optimization, Microgrid.