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Potentials of PV Telecommunication Towers in Libya

Libya is one of the largest oil producer in North Africa. Most of the country relies on the oil based energy economy. Libya is currently producing energy of 33 TWH to meet the exponential increasing demand on energy. More energy consumption means more people, which lead to higher need for telecommunication.Libya is currently an emerging market in this field with approximately 10 million subscribers and a network that suffers destruction in many places, so the need is significant. With this growth of demand on oil and gas, it is natural to look for alternatives energy sources. Fortunately, Libya has a high potential of renewable energy. However,they remain unused in the current chaotic situation of the country although there is a need for reconstruction after the turmoil that Libya went through. The current grid power in Libya is unreliable, both in urban and rural areas. For that reason, finding another source beside the public utility grid is necessary.This research will discuss thepotentials of deploying a renewable solution such as solarPV, a suitable way and technology for a tower application,the design ofa telecom off grid backup system, as well as technical and economic simulations comparing PV systems to traditional solution. Keywords: Towers, Solar Radiation, Libya, Network Coverage, Power Consumption, Cell Technology, PV