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User Acceptance of Augmented Reality Technology : Mobile Application for Coin Treasury Museum

The information and communication technology for marketing is one of the innovation trends that have been becoming increasingly important in the past few years on mobile application. A term that makes reference to the users of mobile devices, to access the information anytime everyone and everywhere, and the integration of multimedia content Its main benefits are the personalization of contents, the increase in the present communication describes the design of a study on the acceptance of mobile technologies. The investigation research is based on the user acceptance conceived in which the perceived usefulness and enjoyment are the key factors that explain the acceptance of a technological innovation. The Coin Treasury Museum guidebook was developed and blended with augmented reality technology in this study. The aim of research is to reveal the users' opinions on Mobile application, to determine users' behavioral patterns and their cognitive attainment, and the relationship between them while playing application. Quantitative and qualitative approaches were used to study a range of contexts and the sample consisted of 130 tourists who use an application on the mobile phone to support service in Coin Treasury Museum of Thailand. However, collaborative and interactive marketing with these application should be provided. Moreover, this study will reveal an important contribution, present a new augmented reality (AR) application, and fill the gap in the marketing technology field. Keywords - User Acceptance, Augmented Reality, Coin Treasury Museum of Thailand