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Literature Review on Evaluation System for Supply Chain Risk Management of Automotive Industry

There are many problems in the quality of the auto parts from the substandard production, which are consequently followed by many risks. Currently, there are many accident related to product that are produced without analyzing the risks in the supply chain. Moreover, the domestic automotive parts companies themselves increasing in aware which factors can affect the risks at most. Therefore, this research aimed to understand the risk factors in the automotive supply chain in order to contribute to the development of guidelines on various aspects of decisions. In general, the risks consist of internal and external risks, including the impact of economics, natural disasters, terrorism, or even the risks of production. This research was conducted by the data obtained from Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) field and automotive industry. The results showed that the types of risks that arise in the automotive supply chain in a very high level that must be urgently resolved are the risk factors of production technology and the risk factors of quality control. These can be an analytic system for managing the risks in the automotive industry supply chain for the risks of production technology. Keywords - Supply Chain Risk Management, Evaluation System, Automotive Industry, Literature review