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Right to Information Against The Exaggeration and Irrational Arguments in Islamic History: The Case of The Prophet Muhammad

Islam as a religion believed in true fact. Under the Islam, to know its reality, Priority and deeper knowledges, we are depending on its area of knowledge that’s known to ‘Islamic History’ and came after the Islam as with the born of Prophet Muhammad. By the time, his life circumstances written by the historians like as Ibn Ishak, Ibn Sad, Tabari and so many Orientalists. But Some narration about the prophet Muhammad includes with exaggerate information which is not belongs with the prophet’s life. The one is some special incidents as the emergence of a different star in the Syria region, shake of earth quacks in so many region and collapse of some palaces in Iraq and India like as occurred in the earth as the time of Muhammad’s born. Another claim of the Christian writers and also narrated some Muslim historians that the source of ‘revelation’ is not divine. Its view proves that Muhammad shaped his teaching being influenced by other religions and clergy. They have evaluated many arguments to be able to prove their views. One of them is the monk Bahira incident. Some claimed that Muhammad had learned the principles of the Islamic Religion from Bahira and also some even claimed that the Qur’an was printed by Bahira. We know that these claims are not new. It was pronounced in various forms throughout the medieval period. In this study, will be try to give an overview of these irrational questions against the orientalist allegations and will be assess of all these effects and to determine on positive or benign influences. Keywords- Arguments,Bahira,Muhammad, Orientalist.