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Analysis of Spiral Path Single Actuator Solar Tracking System to Maximize Solar Panel Output

Energy plays a vital role in economic development of any country. Now a day’s Most of the investment is being done in energy sector by Developed and Developing countries. Major share in National imports is by Energy. Basically large share of fossil fuel is getting used to generate electricity. Day by day the Electricity demand is going to increase due to high industrialization as civilization. So there is need to explore the alternative resource to conventional primary resources to fulfil the increasing demand of Electricity. Solar energy is the everlasting and green resource to generate electricity. Light energy is getting converted in to Electricity with the help of Photovoltaic Panel. But the Efficiency of the PV cells is low as compare to other energy generation system. There are various governing factors which decide the efficiency of the PV panel like temperature, type, mounting, etc. If mounting is considered there are two types of systems available in market: fixed & moving. Fixed panels are less efficient than moving panels. Moving systems are called as solar tracking systems. Further the solar trackers are available in two type’s single axis and two axes. Generally in single axis system panel is moved in east to west direction. The Efficiency of any system is directly depends upon the direction of sun rays .i.e. for optimum output sunrays should be exactly normal to PV panel. Similarly in dual axis systems having two drives for motion in two axes. To maintain the angle of the tilt of the solar panel according to the solar direction is the most difficult and demanding task. Currently available trackers in market are bulky, costly hence less effective. The proposed system is based on single drive giving out put in rotary as well as linear motion. Spiral path actuator is developed and being used to orient the PV panel so that optimum output can be obtained. Proposed system is less costly, more efficient and can be used for other applications. Design and FEA of the system is done for critical components. Index terms - Solar Tracker, Solar Panel, Sun Tracker, Solar Tracking System