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Articles By Library And Information Science (Lis) Authors Published In Non-Lis Journals

This study investigated the journal disciplines other than library and information science (LIS) in which LIS authors publish their research results. Author affiliations were used to identify 479 articles published by LIS authors between 2005 and 2014 and indexed using the Web of Science database. Results showed that journals representing 31 disciplines published articles by LIS authors, confirming that LIS authors have spread LIS knowledge and have established LIS visibility in numerous disciplines. Most of the articles by LIS authors were published in journals related to medicine, music, and history. Approximately half of the articles focused on LIS-related topics. In addition, LIS authors collaborated mostly with other authors in the same discipline, followed by medicine authors. Moreover, numerous LIS authors were affiliated with health science libraries. Index Terms - Interdisciplinary authors, Library and Information Science, Scientific collaboration.