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An introduction to neuromarketing and understanding the consumer brain: They do purchase, but why ? An insight for review and implications

It is possible to access and track the products and services that consumers do buy however the issue is that why do they perform that purchasing behavior? Neuromarketing has came accross after the intersection of marketing and and idea of using neuroscience and its tools together to be able to respond that question. In last decade neuromarketing had an evident advancement and got more steps to comprehend consumer brain and obtained pertinence by private sector after the inefficiency of conventional marketing gauges to analyze consumer motivations, preferences, expectations and behavior in that sense. Neuromarketing is able to predict consumers’ unconscious and cognitive activities via neuro imaging and bio-indicators and apply them into marketing while there is still existing concerns about intrusiveness in the science club. Here in this is paper, it is desired to highlight an insight through neuromarketing and shortly present the most harnessed and popular tools, apprehensional approaches about neuromarketing and some future implications are accounted. Keywords: Neuromarketing, consumer neuroscience, neuroimaging, subconscious, marketing JEL Code: M31, M39