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Empathetic Functions of Social Learning in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era

This study has been conducted utilizing the paradigm of social learning that connects people in the fourth industrial revolution era and the ‘space’ of social networking system as an ‘educational’ platform. ‘Introspection’ of learners of the classes comprised of the ‘courses of practice’ and contents of the entire course of the ‘classes’ were shared on Social Networking System (SNS)analyzing the ‘communication and sharing’ between learners and also between instructors and learners. According to the results of analysis in this course, it was found that the development of ‘capacity’ of learners in the cognitive perspective and ‘emotions and interactions’ shared with each member involved the empathetic functions. Mechanism of interaction formed by the social learning constituted empathy among human beings and also provided ‘empathetic’ interactions for cooperation and mutual respect to overcome the fourth industrial revolution era. Keywords: Fourth industrial revolution, social learning, empathy, learner-based, interaction