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Lack Of Bim Training: Investigating Practical Solutions For The State Of Kuwait

Building information modeling (BIM) faces major implementation obstacles in Kuwait, despite its proven benefits to contractors and owners. This research study aims to analyze the factors that impact BIM implementation, and identifies practical solutions to overcome implementation obstacles. More specifically, the principle objectives of this study are to: (1) identify the obstacles that deter BIM utilization, (2) investigate the perception of construction stakeholders of these obstacles, and (3) recommend practical solutions that accelerate BIM utilization. A survey questionnaire was designed to pool expert opinion on the nature of BIM utilization obstacles and how to effectively overcome them. The results of the survey indicate high awareness of BIM utilization obstacles, including its biggest obstacle – the lack of BIM training. The study concludes with expert recommendations on overcoming BIM utilization obstacles. The findings of this study should be useful to the construction industry stakeholders in Kuwait, and can lead to substantial improvements in the practices of design and construction. Index Terms— Building information modeling, construction, challenges, information technology.