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Anubhuti – An Unique Program on Life Effectiveness of Employees in Oil India Ltd (OIL), an Upstream Public Sector Oil Company in India

In the words of the World Health Organization, ‘health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. This holds true for any human endeavor, be it in academics, enterprise or industry. Over the years, Indian industry has evolved and the focus today is to establish workplace equilibrium through a close understanding of the dynamics at play, particularly within the organization and that of the society, in general, in so far as the individuals of the workforce is concerned. However, addressing each individual idiosyncrasy would be a near impossible goal. Nevertheless, a focused psycho-social intervention targeting personal effectiveness at the individual level may prove valuable for organizations which have large workforce and carries out strenuous job (24x7). OIL, in its endeavor to improve the health and wellbeing of its employees and their spouses, decided to address personal effectiveness through an understanding of individual psycho-social competencies through inculcation of Life Skills in day to day life involving the dynamics of workplace, society and family, organizing a three day workshop called ANUBHUTI. The objective of the workshop is to create awareness on the importance of balancing work, family and personal life of the employees. The workshop on life skills & personal effectiveness is undertaken for introduction of a new paradigm, – the elements of social and family interactions, in the approach to self enablement of workers within a structured organizational regimen. Thus the workshop includes the respective spouses of the employees selected for the workshop so that in totality the issues could be identified and solution could be suggested. The individual aspirations and the possible conflict scenarios arising at the personal, family and workplace, viewed through a holistic lens, provide the basis for the assumptions on which the workshop has been modelled. The end result of the workshop has come to fruition in the three month window period assigned and emerges with positive result enabling OIL management to bring to the forefront as a model suited to the needs of the whole organization. The high lights of the process and flow of the workshop and the visible results seen in subsequent periods. Index Terms - Life Skills, Personal effectiveness, self enablement.