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The Edge of Rehabilitation in Deradicalizing Extremism: Case Study of Several Muslim Countries

The world nowadays facing a serious threat from extremism and radicalism due to several factors, including misunderstanding the teaching of Islam and being fanatic in certain ideologies. Discussing on this particular world problem, there are big concerns and debates pertaining to the position of the fighters and those affected ideologies’ members. Hence, from the perspective of wisdom and peace; in deradicalizing and integrating the radical religious extremism, the method of rehabilitation is forwardly proposed and seconded, rather than mere harsh punishment. In this research paper, amongst the discussion ideas are pertaining to the function of rehabilitation and its practicality; description on four rehabilitation centers of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia by comparing and contrasting the elements within those selected venues. This study is applying thematic analysis from the gathered literatures. Henceforth, this study aims to picture the positive and requirements of practicing rehabilitation courses to the particular detainees. Optimistically this study will enlighten the minds of the masses and the policy makers in viewing the current global scenario. Keywords: Rehabilitation, anti-terrorism, deradicalization, reintegration, preventive detention, radicalism, extremism.