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Strategic Training And Team Building Project; A Class Learning Exercise

Hospitality industry is growing with an enormous speed and as a result hotel industry is facing a boom organizations today expanding exponentially too. Despite the knowledge and application of basic human resource practices, hotel owners and managers find it easier to buy than run an expanded hotel operation. Maintaining a uniform organizational culture, building a unified team and managing day to day operations in a synchronized way within a chain of hotels, stand as big challenges. This paper studies one such project taken up by Stamford International University for a chain of hotels. Students from the Human Resource Management concentration at Stamford International University participated in this exercise for the ‘organizational behavior’ course. Data from around 170 people via surveys, interviews and focus groups of the hotel employees across 3 chosen hotels. The data triangulated towards two main findings; a strategic training and development plan, a team building strategy. The findings from the data analysis will be proposed to the hotel management as recommendations at the end. Keywords- hospitality, human resource management, organization development, data triangulation, team building, training plan