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The Effect Of Using Quizlet Flashcards On Learning English Vocabulary

The integration of computer and technology into vocabulary instruction and its effectiveness on learners’ vocabulary learning have recently shed light to the studies investigating vocabulary learning and teaching strategies. Quizlet, an excellent teacher-/student-friendly online application and a website, with its focus on tracking vocabulary learning, provides five powerful vocabulary learning tools and two games for the creation of different vocabulary activities. They incorporate Flashcards, Learn, Spell, Test, Match, Gravity and Live respectively. Flashcards mode of Quizlet lets learners study Quizlet sets as flashcards. One can play this activity to review the study set and listen to the pronunciation of the word or the phrase. In this study, the effect of using Quizlet flashcards on EFL learners' vocabulary learning was taken into close scrutiny. To this end, 52 EFL learners were randomly assigned into two groups. Both groups proved to be homogeneous with regard to their knowledge of vocabulary in focus. During the treatment period, the learners in the first group (the experimental group) were assigned online flashcards on Quizlet and were asked to study them, using Quizlet application on their cellphone, while the learners in the second group (the control group) were asked to prepare paper flashcards with the help of their teacher. The selected vocabulary set that the learners in the both groups were expected to learn was similarly the difficult ones extracted from the texts in the reading classes. The flashcards were set as homework and the learners in both groups were expected to learn them outside the classroom. The treatment lasted for 8 weeks. At the end of the term, an independent samples t-test was applied to investigate whether there is any difference between the scores achieved from the posttest of the control group and that of the experimental group. According to the results of the study, there was a significant difference between the groups with respect to their scores achieved from the posttest. This study underlines the significance of using Quizlet flashcards in the process of vocabulary learning.