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A Regulatory Framework For Public Health Food Safety In Trinidad And Tobago- Some Key Elements

Each year, millions of persons fall sick from eating unsafe food. Researches conducted in Trinidad and Tobago (T & T) have revealed a wide range of food safety concerns. The purpose of this paper was to determine key elements and principles for a Regulatory Framework in Food Safety. This framework was evaluated against a Best Practice Model by analysis of the legislative and policy documents on food safety. There were critical deficiencies identified such as uncoordinated institutional approach to regulating food safety activities and inappropriate, fragmented or outdated legislation. There was little evidence of follow through on national and regional strategic food safety objectives. A National Food Safety Policy which incorporates the key elements of priority for policy makers is recommended. There is a critical requirement for an establishment of an agency which would be responsible for policy making, standard setting and the coordinating all food safety activities from farm to fork. Keywords- Food safety, regulatory frameworks, food regulation