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Behavior And Factors Influencing To The Decision-Making Of Selecting Photo And Video Applications

The purpose of this research is to explore and analyze the mobile application using behavior of the population in Bangkok, Thailand and to study the factors and market mix that influencing to the decision-making of selecting mobile applications that focus on photo and video applications. Furthermore, forecasting mobile applications using trend. The data set is collected through self-administered questionnaire, and convenient non-probability random sampling method. A total of 384 samples were collected from population in Bangkok, Thailand. The findings of this study showed that 26-30 year-old people using most of these applications. The most popular application is Camera360, and popular functions in this application category are retouching a various styles. The most factors that influence to the decision-making of selecting the mobile application mostly were Price, Marketing promotion, New Technology, Design, Popularity. And, the important factors affecting to download photo and video applications category, and making the applications are interesting as the social network that user require to share photos on a social network and attract interesting photos. This research leads to future research on the development of decision support systems for mobile applications selection. Keywords: Mobile Application, Decision Making, Photo and Video, Behavior.