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The Satisfaction In Learning Speaking English Through Adapted Audio-Lingual Method

This study aimed to investigate the students’ satisfaction towards learning speaking English through Adapted Audio-Lingual Method. The participants were 12 of students from Hotel and Lodging Management who enrolled in ENL1012 Business Communication in English course. After the samples population learnt English by Adapted Audio-Lingual Method, they did a satisfaction questionnaire. The instrument for this study was the satisfaction questionnaire. The questionnaire was divided into three parts. The first part was questions about personal information of the population. The second part was a satisfaction questionnaire. The third part is open-end questionnaire. The findings were as follows: 1) students’ overall satisfaction toward teacher was at “very satisfied” level 2) students’ overall satisfaction toward content was at “very satisfied” level 3) students’ overall satisfaction toward learning activities was at “extremely satisfied” level. Keywords - Audio-Lingual Method, ALM, students’ satisfaction