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Factors Influencing The Location Of Thai Handbags Production In Thailand

The purposes of this research are to Study and analyze factors influencing the location of Thai handbags production in Thailand. The data used in the analysis were the secondary data recorded in 2015. The techniques and methods for the analysis were the correlation analysis and the multiple regression analysis. The results of analyzing the factors influencing the location of Thai handbags production in Thailand, it is found from the Pearson correlation coefficient of each independent variable on the dependent variable, it was found that the size of the Thai handbags production was positively correlated to the market at the highest level with the r at 0.943, followed by semi-skilled labor with the R at 0.813, capital with the R at 0.806, and transportation with the R at 0.802 respectively. For the multiple regression analysis it was found that the coefficient of multiple's correlational or the R value was at 0.943 indicates that all independent variables are positively correlated with the dependent variable at a high level and the coefficient of determination of multiple's or the R2of 0.890 meaning that the transportation variables could explain the change or variance of Thai handbags production or employees size was 89.00 % of the total variation of variables. The remaining 11 % was due to the influence of other variables that was not taken into consideration. After adjusting the R2, the R2adj was equal to 0.885 indicating that after adjusting the R2, Market variables continue to influence the size of the Thai handbags production at a high level. That is the market variables can lead to regression in order to forecast the size of the Thai handbags production. The multiple regressionmodel wasY ̂=43505.259+0.760X_1 (market). Themarket variable was the variables influencing Thai handbags production was considered, it could be clearly seen that the location pattern and correlated with Locational Interdependencetheory. Keywords: Factors Influencing, the location, Thai handbags production, Thailand