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Community Based Tourism In Sustainable Dimension, Case Study: Baan Muanggluang Community Kaper District Ranong Province

This research is aimed to study the guideline of sustainable tourism development context on a small community in Ranong Province in order to let community be able to solve problems by their own with efficiency about sustainable tourism development in the community. This can be defined as “the Community based tourism” which is local people in community do performance with solid work to find solution on how to make progress on tourism in the community. The study was applied research tools; observation form, questionnaire, in-depth interviewing form on target group who are tourists in community area, host people, stakeholders from both private and public sectors in Ranong Province by using analysis method and statistics which are content analysis, percentage mean and standard deviation by using data processing software for quantitative social science. The study could provide the guideline of sustainable development on tourism in community which is consistent to area; natural environment, culture and people. Finally, community can apply it to all natural resources and surrounding areas on their tourism activities. Keywords - Community Based Tourism, Sustainable Dimension, Tourism