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Responsiveness Of Commissioners Of Independent Organizations In Thailand (In Case Of The National Broadcasting And Telecommunications Commission)

This research want to study the responsiveness of NBTC commissioners about decision-making, policy formulation and regulation in telecommunication, broadcasting and spectrum management and the action that affecting public. Research methodology used qualitative research by case studies the research tool is in-depth interview 14 persons also used participatory observation and documents. As Triangulation (Yin, 2013), both the data and research methods. The conceptual framework used responsiveness concept by World Health Organization (WHO, 2000) to analyze. This research focus on responsiveness elements that’s involve performance of NBTC commissioners and Administrators. And the responsiveness that’s impact people’s living. Working in the NBTC during the time of military government are not easy to take responsive to the public. It’s up to each of commissioner’s ideology attitude and the habit of working in the past. Keywords - Responsiveness, NBTC, regulation