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Freedom of the Press After Military Revolution 2014

The main objectives of this article are to 1) To study the role and freedom of the press regarding communications and opinion expression. 2) To study the problems and difficulties of communication and information revelation of press after military revolution by making documentary research derived from articles and other researches regarding role, right and freedom of the press in Thailand and other countries. The research sources are also from website and many sources of information about laws that limit or restrict freedom of the press.The research result indicates the methods on conduct for the press after Military Revolution 2014 regarding right and freedom of the press during revolution era as following points; 1. The military government restricts right and freedom of the press in various aspects because government believes that the communications and opinion expression of the press including online media may cause the division among people in the country. 2. The government controls and bans various platforms of press dissemination especially when there are any facts or information that may affect the peace and public order. 3. The government always cultivates people to believe and have positive attitude towards government. Keywords: Military government, Press, Online media, Broadcasting journalism