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Creative Economy For Small And Medium Enterprises Sustainable Development In Thailand

The main purpose of this research paper was to study Creative Economy for Small and Medium Enterprises Sustainable Development in Thailand. This academic paper purposes the approach to develop Creative Economy for Small and Medium Enterprises. Human resources Development should be developed to become knowledgeable, capable, and competent. These are the important factors contributing to the development of organizations as a whole. The human capital development should be planned strategically. Firstly, there is a need to develop the human resources systematically. Secondly, the values of human resources should be enhanced. Thirdly, human capital development had been discussed as a recent concept that addresses; capabilities , experiences, knowledge and skills of the workers in an organization, where the importance of studying this subject derived from new vision of the administrative tough, which views to what individuals own from abilities and experiences and others as the largest capital of the modern organizations, and the concept of human capital has been defined as a cumulative total of attitudes, experience, and knowledge, and innate and acquired capacities, creativity, energy and enthusiasm, shown by individuals to invest in their businesses. Fourthly, human capital development through creative economy should be difficult to imitate. These four components could enhance the competitive advantage of the organization. The potentials of human resources should be developed in order to comply with the aim for growth and sustainability of the organization. Keywords: Creative Economy, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)