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Religious Touristsbehavior: The Case Study Of Phukon Forest Temple, Udon Thani Province

The study of “Religious Tourists behavior : The case study of Phukon Forest Temple UdonThani Province”The research samples were 400 Thai domestic Tourists and used close-ended questionnaires to analysed data with descriptive statistics to discussed percentage, average means and standard deviation. The result shown that the religious tourists who visited Phukon Forest Temple UdonThani Province are mostly females, the average ages are in between 51-60 years, secondary school level of education, farmers occupation, the average incomes are in between 15,001-20,000 THB (400-500 USD) every month and they live in north-eastern region of Thailand. Their behavior to travel toPhukon Forest Temple, mostly to make merit and pay homage to the Lord Buddha and sacred objects. The samples traveled with their personal transports, mostly were their first time to travel here. They traveled to Phukon Forest Temple on weekends ;and had planned at least one week in advance. Most of the sample were traveled with families members of 4 ; spent no higher than 1,000 THB (28 USD) in each trip. They sourced out information about Phukon Forest Temple from friends and relatives ; and willing to repeat visits. Keywords: religious tourists behavior, Phukon Forest Temple, UdonThani