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Optimization Of Rotary Type Labeling Machine Considering Multiple Responses

A response surface methodology (RSM) has been employed to optimize parameter settings to improve performance of a rotary type labeling machine.A central composite experimentaldesign(CCD) is proposed to constructreasonable design area applying for RSM. An objective of the model is to reduce three types of labeling defectives i.e. flipped label (%), overlap label (mm), and off-center label (mm). The model developed in terms of design variables i.e. distance of in-out direction (mm), distance of left-right direction (mm), glue thickness (�m), glue feed rate (stroke/min), and air pressure (kPa) has been found statistical adequate to describe the process responses. In order to consider multiple responses of labeling parameters, optimal solution has been carried out by desirability function approach. Finally, the result show thatdefective proportion of flipped label, average distance of overlap label, and average distance of off-center label are reduced approximately 89.9, 75.6, and 75.1 percent respectively. Keywords- Experimental design, Multiple responses, Response surface method, Desirability function, Labeling machine