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The Study Of The Behaviors Of People On Regular Buses Of Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (Bmta) a Case Study Of The Regular Bus No. 7 (Route Klongkhwang Hualampong Train Station)

The purposes of this research are to (1) to study the behavior of bus drivers, fare collectors, ticket inspectors and passengers on the bus no. 7 from the KlongKhwang pier to the destination of HuaLampong Train Station; (2) to study the physical condition of the route of the bus no. 7; and (3) to study the factors affecting the behaviors of people on bus no. 7. This research is a qualitative research by non-participant observation. The samples are bus drivers, fare collectors, ticket inspectors and passengers on the bus no. 7. The research period is from August to September 2015. The tools used in this research were data collecting forms, data analysis, and descriptive presentation. The findings of this research were as followings 1. The behaviors of people were mostly positive. Drivers obeyed traffic regulations and parked at the bus stop in case passengers rang the bell to get off the bus. Fare collectors were cautious in collecting fares, they said thanking and apologizing and informing passengers for each stop. Ticket inspectors were prudent in ticketing and always said thanking to their passengers. Passengers of all ages and sexes behaved both in different and same ways for taking the bus, being on board and preparing for getting on or off the bus. 2. The physical characteristics of the Bus no. 7 is a beige-red bus without air-conditioning. The duration of service is 24 hours. The size of the bus is in accordance with Ministerial Regulation No. 9 (Revised Edition by the Ministerial Regulation No. 60 (2009). The route starts from the KhlongKhwang Terminal and ends at HuaLampongTrain Station and back from HuaLampongTrain Station to at KhlongKhwang Pier. 3. In case of heavy rain, drivers and passengers of all ages had their behaviors changed. Passengers standing in front of the doors or not showing their tickets could cause fare collectors and ticket inspectors’ different behaviors. Keywords: behaviors, people on bus, Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA).