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System Design and Simulation of Off-Grid Photovoltaic System for Rural Electrification in Myanmar

Global environmental concerns, increasing energy demands and developments in renewable energy technologies present a new possibility to implement renewable energy sources. Solar energy is the most prominent among renewable sources, as it is an inexhaustible resource and its exploitation has thus far been ecologically friendly. The potential amount of solar energy is considerably greater than current worldwide energy demands. Solar energy has been developing more rapidly than the other renewable energy sources for the last few decades. In this paper, a proposed area, Bodawtaw village which is located at 22.579N latitude and 95.698E longitude, Shwebo District, Sagaing Region in Myanmar where there is no access the electricity from national grid and it is also very expensive to extend the grid, which is chosen and the renewable energy potential for this region is evaluated to make the system sizing and design of stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) system. Therefore, the detail design of off-grid power system for Bodawtaw village is developed and the performances for the system are analyzed by using MATLAB/Simulink. Keywords: stand-alone, solar PV, off-grid, renewable energy source, MATLAB