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A Comparison of A Single Key and An N-Key Based Cryptographic Security System

The massive increase in the use of internet, electronic data, and e-commerce, due to their open nature has made individuals and organizations prone to malicious attack. Making organizations to lose revenue, data integrity and customer trust, due to improvement in the nature of attacks on information systems. This research work compares a single key with an N-key(complex Key) in computer security techniques, with special reference to cryptography, using hashing techniques and using an N key encryption and decryption system, the software design was implemented using Visual BASIC programming language. The major advantage of this system is its ability to hide the information being transmitted from unauthorized user, by preventing the unauthorized user from gaining access to the information that is transmitted through insecure network (like the internet) or while in storage, except the intended recipient. Keywords- Encryption, Decryption, Cryptography, Cyphertext, Plaintext.