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Propagation And Collisional Dynamics Of Electromagnetic Soliton In An Anisotropic Ferromagnetic Nanowire

Magnetization dynamics of an one-dimensional anisotropic ferromagnetic nanowire is investigated by solving the famous Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation (LLG) for magnetization of the medium coupled with the Maxwell�s equation for the nature of propagation of electromagnetic wave (EMW) in a ferromagnetic nanowire (FN). We made an uniform expansion of magnetization and magnetic field along the direction of EMW propagation in the framework of reductive perturbation method. The excitation of magnetization of the nanowire is restricted to the normal plane at the lowest order of perturbation and goes out of plane for higher orders. The dynamics of the nanowire is governed by the perturbed modified KdV equation (pMKDV). The pMKDV equation is solved by using the standard algebraic method, and the nature of the excitation is evolved in the form of soliton. Further the interaction of solitons is analyzed by using the Hirota bilinearization method. The analysis brings out the inelastic nature of collision due to intensity redistribution among the modes. The EMW propagation in the nanoscale magnetic medium has potential technological applications in optimizing the magnetic storage devices. Index Terms� Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation, Magnetization Dynamics, Electromagnetic soliton, Reductive perturbation method