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The Implementation of Secondary Socialization Practices With First Generation Immigrant Students

Canadian statistics concerning first generation immigrant students still portray communities that struggle to realize their full potential in society. This situation led us to question the systems’ success conditions which seem to generate a positive dynamic with regard to these students’ school success. We carried out a synthesis of knowledge, in order to examine the modalities of organization of the education system and the practices implemented in classrooms which promote the school success of newcomer students. From the perspective of the education system organization, results show that an emancipatory approach is associated with better school success among these students. The pedagogical practices that seem to contribute most to these students’ school success subscribe to the same type of emancipatory approach. In addition to providing a critical analysis of these practices, we will identify avenues for action that would contribute to reducing the discrepancies currently observed between first generation immigrant students and those of majority communities in Canada. Keywords- First generation immigrant students, secondary socialization, school success, emancipatory education, efficient practices.