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Effectiveness of Educationalgroups’logbook from The Interns’ and Professors’point of View in Mazandaranuniversity of Medical Sciences

Logbookshave been regarded as a valuable source of information for monitoring the fulfillment of the goals and educational decisions, so this study has examined the effectiveness of educational groups’ logbooksfrom the interns’ and professors’view point in University of Medical Sciences in Mazandaran.The present study was a descriptive evaluativestudy. The research tools consisted of three parts: the first part was the tool indicating how to completelog book, the second part, wasthe degree of certainty of data recorded in logbooks, the sufficiency in the number of practices and the use of logbooks in the evaluation of final stage, and the third part measured degree of success for logbooks in fulfilling the expected results.The credibility and reliability of tools were proved by content validity and its reliability of (a=0/8). After gathering data, the data gained from the questionnaire was analyzed and interpreted by the use of Chi-square test inSPSSsoftware version 16.16% of student’sdefinatly completed the daily log books. 61/7 percent of students and 80 percent of faculty membersevaluated the accuracy of the information to be less than 60 percent andstudents havesignificantly evaluated the accuracy of the information log books less than the professors. 40 percent of faculty members believed that the use of log books, at the end of the evaluation, will increase false information. 36/7 percent of students regard the use of log books at the evaluationof the end of training ineffective and they consider the completing ofit futile.The success of log books in achieving the expected outcomes wasevaluated bythe students generally at the intermediate level and high-level by the lecturers. The evaluation and analysis of the outcome and processes of using logbooks based on educational goal indicated that the logbooks are not capable of covering educational and evaluative purposes and also the reliability of the this information for judging educational condition of the sector and also the students cannot be absolutely accurate. In order to improve the application of logbooks, it is necessary to convince the educators and learners and also revise of the content. Keywords- log books, interns, clinical evaluation