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An Intuitive and Interactive Holographic Instructional Support System

In this paper, an interactive holographic instructional support systemwith intuitive control mechanism which combines 3D holographic display technology and hand-gesture recognition technology is developed. The proposed system is designed to apply in nursing instruction to enhance instructional performance. First, we scanned an instructional model of the human organ into digital 3D model and then edited the digital copy to create the corresponding 3D mesh vector. After that, the vector isprojected into different perspectives to develop a suspended 3D image for holographic projection, thus to enhance instructors’ and learners’ sense of presence. Moreover, a special hand-gesture recognition module that enabled instructors to freely manipulate the instructional object using intuitive hand gestures is developedto allow usersperforming operations includingperspective viewchange, scaling, shift, disassemble, and switch objects. It is observed that the proposed system not only effectively increased instructional convenience but also enhanced learner motivation and effectiveness. Moreover, the proposed system can be expanded into other professional disciplines as an effective holistic teaching aid. Keywords- Teaching Aid System, Nursing Scenario-based Simulation InstructionMethod, Holographic Projection Technology, Gesture Recognition Control, Augmented Reality.