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The Role Of Relationship Quality On Customer Loyalty: The Effectiveness Of Strategic Relationship Marketing

This study examines customer satisfaction, trust, control mutuality and communication as determinants of relationship quality and customer loyalty in relationship marketing. The study focuses on Malaysia’s telecommunication industry in the business-to-customer context. The structural equation modelling technique is used to empirically test the proposed hypotheses based on the sample size of 405 customers collected by a questionnaire survey. Trust had the greatest positive influence on relationship quality, followed by satisfaction. Subsequently, there was no significant effect of control mutuality and communication on relationship quality. Customer loyalty was significantly affected by relationship quality. The contribution of this paper is twofold. From a theoretical perspective, it offers both a conceptual foundation and empirical-based evaluation of customer loyalty through the context of relationship quality. In the practical perspective, the findings proposed useful information to the telecommunication service providers in developing more effective relationship marketing strategies to build better relationship quality and customer loyalty. Keywords - relationship marketing, relationship value, relationship quality, customer loyalty.