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The Effects of Using Classical and Web-Designed Structured Grids on Students’ Attitudes Towards Science and Technology and Computer Lessons

The objective of this study is to examine the effects of web-assisted structured grids which were designed for the “relationship between living things and energy” subject on students’ attitudes towards science and technology lesson and computer. The study used semi-experimental design with pre-test post-test and control group, which is an experimental model. The study was conducted with 8th graders in a primary education school in Atakum district of Samsun during the second semester of 2010-2011 academic year. A total of 72 students, 36 experimental and 36 controls, participated in the study. During the lessons, classical structured grids were used in the control group, while web-designed structured grids were used in the experimental group. Science and technology lesson attitude scale was implemented on both groups as pre-test and post-test. In addition, computer attitude scale was also implemented on the experimental group as pre-test and post-test. The data obtained from data collection tools were analyzed with the help of SPSS 18.00 statistics program. Analysis results showed that the attitudes of experimental group students towards science and technology lesson were significant in favor of the control group (t(70) = 2,962, p<0.05); while no significant difference was found in computer attitudes of students (t(35)= 0,700, p>0,05) Key Words- Structured Grids, Attitude, Computer, Science and technology lesson