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Bicycling: A Sport That Threatens Manhood

Cycling as a sport has undoubtedly taken the front stage in the society as people both young and old, hassle to be part of it, either for recreation, competition or both. It is indeed one of the many sports that people engage in. It is a sport that takes place at all levels of competitions, up to the Olympics. It is a sport that conditions the body so readily and carries many other advantages but if wrongly engaged in, bicycling could bring negative effects to the individual. Among the many disadvantages that bad cycling can cause are; pudendal nerve injury, reduced penile blood oxygenation and head injuries. For one to be able to enjoy the many advantages that bicycling can bring, this paper has made some suggestions among which are that the individual should adjust the bicycle to fit him/her, using standard safety equipment, learning correct techniques and positioning on the bicycle. If and when injuries still occur, in this sport, their general management had also been discussed in this paper, through the process of identifying the symptoms, assessing the injuries and the treatment. The paper also discussed how to rehabilitate the cyclist who had been treated for one injury or another.