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Solitary Evolution Of Blood Pressure Waves In Arteries

Perturbed soliton excitations represent one of the central topics of nonlinear-wave dynamics. We demonstrate the blood flow in nonlinear pressure pulse waves of thin wall elastic tube filled with an incompressible nonviscous fluid. The nonlinear behavior of the pressure pulse wave equation is governing the blood flow model in large blood vessels with the help of mass conservation and momentum theorem in tube wall of the arterial system. The propagation of nonlinear pressure pulse waves in such a medium is studied using long wave approximation technique and the amplitude of nonlinear waves is examined. The transient phenomena of blood flow through the arterial system are replicated by the nonlinear Schr´┐Żdinger type equation (NLS). A direct multiple scale perturbation analysis is carried out for the NLS equation. This perturbation analysis brings out perturbed solitons to represent the pressure pulse waves in arterial system and found the interesting classes of soliton solutions. We show that such nonlinear model can lead to the existence of solitons moving along the arteries in the blood flow. The obtained results are explored with the experimental measurements for saphenous artery in the dog. Finally, the blood flow in arteries are well explored using the behavior of the perturbed soliton excitations which may have potential applications in clinical diagnosing and also some results will be helpful in discovering the diseases of the arteries