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The Role Of Special Assistant Teacher To Help Special Needs Student Through Instructional Interactions In An Inclusive Classroom

This study aims to determine the role of the special assistant teacher (SAT) compared to the general teacher as English teacher (ET) through instructional interactions in helping slow learner students (SLS) in the English lesson. Twenty-three grade 9 students engaged in observation; interviews were also conducted with the two teachers and several students using semi-structured interview guides to determine types of instructional interactions and the role of SAT in helping SLS. Findings from this study indicate thatboth types of teachers engaged in academic and non-academic interaction with SLS during learning activities. In almost every learning activity, the role of the SAT to the SLS that, in almost every learning activity, the SAT is more dominant than the ET in assisting the SLS. This dominance can lead to both dependence and independence of SLS toward SAT in learning activities. Keywords - Instructional interactions, general teachers, special assistant teachers, slow learner students, inclusive classrooms.