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A Survey Of Students’ Adaptability When Doing Internship Before Graduation

Since global economic recession happened in 2008, in order to strengthen students’ professional skills, doing internship before graduation is required in most technological universities in Taiwan. In Department of Tourism English, affluent students have their internship training in hotels, travel agents, and restaurants. However, can students adapt to their internship environment or meet the requirements of their internship institutes? Are there any problems or gaps when doing internship in workplace? The purpose of this paper is to probe into students’ adaptability when doing internship in companies or institute sof tourism industry. Dada collections included in-depth interviews with intern students and employers in workplace of tourism industry before and after students’ internship training. After analyzing the interview data, the outcome indicated gaps of communication and recognition between students and their employer when they are doing internship. More than this, the outcomes also elucidated the problems of student’s adaptability when doing internship, such as gaps of expectation of the job requirements, ways to communicate with the employers, working hours, relationship with other colleagues, and student’s welfare. Consequently, the study proposes some suggestions for the schools to strengthen students’ understanding of being an intern; and moreover, improve internship condition when negotiating the contract with the internship institutes. Keywords - Intern, internship, professional skills, tourism industry