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Hepatitis-B Virus Infection And Vaccination Status Among The Young Generation Of Dhaka City

Hepatitis B is potentially a life-threatening liver infection caused by hepatitis B virus. It is a major global health problem. This study was conducted to find out the Hepatitis-b vaccination status and the risk factors for Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection among the young generation of Dhaka city. In this cross sectional descriptive type of study a total of 300 university students participated. Among the participants 71 percent were male and 29 percent were female. Most of them were above 21 years of age. 63 percent were Muslim, 35 percent were Hindu and only 2 percent were from Christian community. Only 26 percent had a vaccine for hepatitis-b virus, but 100 percent have had other important vaccine like polio, BCG etc. 36.33 percent respondent replied that they have a previous history of jaundice, which is a risk for further hepatitis-B infection. In addition, 30.33 percent respondent has a family history of hepatitis-b infection. Few respondents were once infected with hepatitis-B infection but almost all of them cured. Results reveal that no participant had multiple sexual partner nor they were habituated in injecting drug. Very few replied they occasionally consumed alcohol. Most of the male participants do their shaving from community barber from where they can be infected with HBV. Same goes to the female participants who did their body piercing from different commercial centers. Chi square results shows that family history of hepatitis-B infection or previous history of jaundice has a significant relationship with the respondents perception about their own risk of hepatitis-B infection. Index Termsó Hepatitis B virus, Risk Factors, Vaccination, Young Generation