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The Influence Of Service Satisfaction And Game Satisfaction In Predicting Perceived Value And Behavioural Intentions On Cricket League Matches In South Africa

This study is premised by key variables that are relevant in service quality and draws from a synthesis of literature by examining the influence of service satisfaction and game satisfaction on perceived value and behavioural intentions within a cricket league match setting in Gauteng Province, South Africa. The study is located within a post-positivism quantitative research paradigm and adopts a cross sectional survey approach collecting data from 250 spectators who have attended T20 cricket league matches. Through structural equation modelling and path analysis, the results indicated that there are positive relationships between the posited research variables (game satisfaction, service satisfaction, perceived value and behaviour intentions).Moreover, perceived value seem to strongly predict spectators’ behavioural intentions. The study is unique in that such evaluations within cricket league matches context is scarce. The findings of the study are limited by the sample being restricted to one province in South Africa. Larger sample sizes in various provinces are desirable. Marketers of sporting events can use this framework as a diagnostic tool to identify strengths and weaknesses in their services and through its application, offer direction in potential areas for improvement within cricket league matches in South Africa and increase spectators’ patronage level. Keywords- Service satisfaction, game satisfaction, perceived value, behavioural intentions, cricket.