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Corroborative Analysis Of Nonvolatile Memory Characteristics Of Memristor And Design Of A New Delay Element

Next generation nano-computing extensively requires nonvolatile nano-scale memory devices for storage. “The missing fourth circuit element”, Memristor is coming as a promising nano-scale applicant for nonvolatile memory design. This paper focuses on the study of basic Memristive equations, existence of the Memristive effect through modeling of a new nano device called Memristor and leveraging this to design a new delay element. Memristor is a two terminal passive element that relates the charge and flux. As its name suggest it is a memory resistor because of its property to remember the history. It offers the variable resistance whose value depends on the magnitude and the polarity of the applied voltage. Memristor holds the value of modified resistance even after withdrawal of applied voltage. These unique properties of Memristor differentiate it from existing passive elements i.e. Resistor, capacitor, and inductor and lead to numerous applications observing limitations from RLC circuits design. In this paper, nonvolatile memory property of Memristor is demonstrated, corroborated through simulation results and further it is extended in designing of a new delay element. Keywords- Memristor; Memory Resistor; Non-Linear Modeling; Delay element.