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The Effect Of Ambiguous Figures For Fine Arts Educated And Uneducated People

This study investigates the effects of Fine Arts educated or uneducated people, hint, image type on accuracy and visual fatigue. Thirty subjects were recruited in this study. A mixed factor design was used to investigate the effect of people (Fine Arts educated people, uneducated people), hint(with hint, without hint), and image type(equivocal figures and figure-ground figures) on accuracy and Simulator Sickness Questionnaire (SSQ)The ANOVA results indicated that accuracy was significant on people, where higher accuracy was found on Fine arts educated people than on uneducated people. The results also showed that hint was a significant factor on accuracy and SSQ, where higher accuracy and lower SSQ were found under with hint than without hint. Finally, the results indicated that image type was significant on SSQ, while higher SSQ were found on figure-ground figures than on equivocal figures. Keywords - Ambiguous Figure, Hint, Arts educated people and uneducated people