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Study On Gamelan Degung As Music Therapy In An Active Labor Phase On The First Stage Of Labor By Using Pain Intensity Rating Scale

This research aims to prove different intensity of pain in an active labor phase before and after Music Therapy with Gamelan Degung,Sundanese Instrument, for 15 minutes. This research is one group pretesposttest design and the sample were taken by non probability sampling in Harapan Ibu Maternity Hospital. Study results shows that the mean intensity of pain on patient in an active labor phase is 7.50 (1.022) before heard Gamelan Degung Instruments while the mean after heard those instrument is 5.54 (0.977). Wilcoxon-Test shows thatp (0.000) < α (0.05), so Ho is rejected which means there are significant differences intensity of active labor pain scale in the first stage before and after 15 minutes of Gamelan Degung’sMusic Therapy.Thus, Music theraphy can be performed as one of the nursing action to reduce the mother’s labor pain. Keywords- Active Labor Phase, Music Therapy, Gamelan Degung, Javanese Instrument, Pain Intensity Rating Scale.