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Craftship - A Future Profitable Business?

This paper is focused on the issue aof sustaining the craftsmen and on the future developments of the financial investments on their field of work viewed at the level of Belgium and Romania economy. The questions which can arise from this study are the following: Can you support yourself and make a decent living while working in the crafts field? Does the promotion of the traditions, arts and crafts of one country is sufficient to raise the awareness of the tourism field? This article presents two qualitative researches in which the technique of the in-depth interview was used on the craftsmen from Bruges, Belgium and the craftsmen from all over Romania. This study has the main purpose of emphasizing the characteristics and the difficulties of the activity in the crafting field. The field research done on this study case describes the vision of the artisans on their work. The aspects of transmitting the craft through oral history, the socio-cultural and economic views and the knowledge of the craft passed from and to a relative are the most important when it comes to the preservation of tradition and to sustainable development in areas related to the field of crafting.