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Effective Teaching Practices Of Teaching Environment Related Activities In Primary Level In Sri Lanka

Primary education is considered as the significant and fundamental period. Therefore, various attempts have been made to review and make recommendation to improve Primary Education in Sri Lanka. Environment Related Activities subject had been formulated as an integrating subject which is broad – based manner. Thus, the purpose of the study is to identify effective teaching practices of teaching Environment Related Activities in primary level in Sri Lanka. Especially the study conducted in relation to key stage 3. This study is based on the qualitative approach. Data gathered by the literature review and the 8 stakeholders in the field of Education in Gamapaha and Anuradhapura educational zone were selected under purposive sampling and semi structured interview schedule and literature review were utilized to collect data. Data revealed that, teaching methods and techniques which provide direct learning opportunities as more effective. Among them, play activities, Role play, direct observation, Experimental learning, Guided discovery, group method, Brainstorming were identified as important. It was accepted by the all stakeholders. Starting and finishing the lesson on time, proper reinforcement, suitable physical resource arrangement and teaching aids, facilitating student diversity also considered as more effective management strategies. Further, majority of the sample stated about the lack of using above practices in actual classroom. Therefore, the study emphasizes the importance of studying the actual practices of teaching Environment Related Activities at primary level. Keywords: Effective Teaching Practices, Environment Related Activities