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Affective Design Of Functional Products For The Elderly

Based on the theory of charm engineering, this study adopts the methods and steps of user research and divides the whole process into three stages: (1) survey and categorization of functional household items for the elderly; (2) interview with the high involvement elderly regarding their affective preference; (3) questionnaire survey and statistical analysis of the representative functional household item for the elderly. Early results show that (1) in terms of product search ratio, mobility assisting and communication products have the highest proportion; (2) in terms of product sales ratio, mobility assisting products reaches 25% and footwear products are the highest among them; (3) interviews with high-involvement elderly show that footwear with 40.8% is the highest demand among functional household items. Therefore, footwear products will be used as example to conduct subsequent study on affective preference and affective design for the elderly. Index Terms - Affective design, Elderly, Functional products, Kansei engineering, High-involvement, Miryoku engineering.