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A Study On Machining Characteristics For Composition 3-Dimensional Shape Using Pulse Electrochemical Machining: Optical Microscopic, Non-Contact 3d Measurement Study Of Surface Analyses

As the level of precision increases gradually in the area of processing technology, interests in precise and complicated image processing increase as well particularly in the area of MEMS-related micro machinery and processing method development. However, technologies develop complementarily. While researches on processing technology for 3D micro structures are conducted actively, processing aspects involve problems. For instance, 3D image processing involves the remaining deformation layer after micro electric-discharge machining. Micro electro-chemical machining itself is superior in terms of surface roughness improvement, but its form accuracy is not as great as that of micro electric-discharge machining. The present study aims to examine the relevance between pulse electro-chemical machining variables and the processing state and to verify the potential of micro-precision image processing by measuring and inspecting the surface condition and image of electro-chemically machined specimens. Index Terms - 3-Dimensional shape, Pulse electrochemical machining, Machining depth, applied voltage,