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Effect Of Motivation On Employees’ Performance And Employees’ Commitment

The current study aims to test the impact of the motivation on the employees’ performance and commitment at Royal Court Affairs of Oman. The model of the study consists of three variables one of them was the (Motivation) as independent variable and the rest were two variables (Employees’ Performance, and Commitment) as the dependent variables.To achieve the research aim, the quantitative approach has been employed for data collection. Structural equation modeling (SEM) technique was carried out by Amos software to test the validity of the research model. The results obtained in the study showed that the Motivation has a positive effect on the Employees’ Performance and Commitment. The factor explained 67% of this impact on employees’ performance. While the impact of the Motivation was 44% on Employees’ Commitment, and the independent variable (Motivation), was showed the greatest impact on Employees’ Performance, than Employees’ Commitment,the researchers recommends that all policy makers of Leadership should pay more concern on policies and practices related to the motivation which results into developing the employees’ performance, also policy makers inside the Royal Court Affairs of Oman should concentrate on emotional aspects of the employees which in turn result into a higher positive influence on their performance compared with the direct impact on their performances and Commitment. Keywords: Motivation, Employees’ Performance,Employees’Commitment