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Valorization Of Natural Food Waste In The Treatment Of Hard Waters, Effect Of Temperature

Hard water forms compact and adherent deposit to the walls of pipes and industrial or domestic installations. Several studies have been done in order to reduce the adverse scaling consequences and to achieve effective softening, but most of inhibitors used are chemical compounds that have damaging effects on health and the environment. There for we have used in this work an under natural alimentary product as scaling inhibitor. Our study focuses on softening hard water of Bounouara having a hardness of 60°F in the presence of lemon peel extracts as scaling inhibitor. The evaluation of scaling power of Bounouara water, effect of tempperature and inhibitory effect of lemon peel was performed by using scaling accelerated method. Chronoamperometric study shows that Bounouara water presents time scaling tE of 9.13 min and risidual curent of about 16.6µA, calculating of the scaling index gave a value of 109 min-1. So we can classify water of Bounouara as extremely scale-forming water. Time scaling decreases by increasing of temperature. So hard water become more scale-forming in high temperatures. Application of the treatment on Bounouara water showed that total hardness inhibition requires addition of lemon peel of 0.5 g/L at 20°C and 1 g/L at 40°C. Keywords- Scaling, natural inhibitor, chronoamperometry, impedancemetry.