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Highly Influencing Factors For Enhancing The Performance Of Erp Teams

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business process management software that consists of a set of software applications which allows the organization to define, organize and standardize the processes to affectively plan and control. For any small, medium and large ERP implementations, the basic prerequisite is to identify an appropriate and suitable ERP solution for the respective business which is not only a tedious process but also takes a good amount of time to finalize the ERP solution. Review of literature is done to identify the research gaps to identify the research objective. The data, collected from 413 software professionals working with software vendors, implementation teams and the key business users from India, Kenya, Malaysia and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are analyzed by using SPSS software. Statistical tools like reliability analysis, sample size calculator, KMO Bartlet's test and factor analysis etc. are employed to draw meaningful inferences. Out of 68 questions shared with the audience to get the responses for the research on enhancing the performance levels of ERP project implementation teams, 12 highly influencing factors are identified and the results are discussed. Key terms- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); Implementation teams; Critical Success Factors (CSFs), First Time Right (FTR).