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The Assessment Of The Concept Of Responsibility Under The Convention On The Contract For The International Carriage Of Goods By Road (Cmr) And The Turkish Trade Lawnumbered 6102(TTK)

Parallel to the developments seen in the technological field and increasing commercial relations, it has emerged that the disputes that may be experienced and experienced in the field of logistics have to be removed from legal arrangements to be made on a single platforart. The aim of the trust relationship, which is the basis of commercial relations, to eliminate the ambiguities that may arise between the parties is to achieve its purpose only by knowing that the parties are mutual legal risks. Various unions and working groups have been set up in order to remove the aforementioned risks, and a common meeting has been aimed. Especially, one of the most widely used modes of transport in the field of transportation, the international transport of the plane, because of the active use of a common arrangement was needed. Countries that are parties to the CMR Convention, to which Turkey is a party, are bringing a single legal area linked to international legal regulations related to international transactions. The contract, therefore, Requires a uniform legal regime to be implemented in the contracting parties. In the study, the same and different regulations within the context of the Turkish Commercial Code and the CMR and the areas of responsibility of both the sender and the carrier were examined. Index Terms- CMR, Connection between CMR and TTK, International regulation in transport,Liability for goods transport